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  • Using AWS TGW Connect with Aviatrix Transit to build GRE tunnels

    When customers are migrating to Aviatrix Transit from AWS TGW, we would build BGP connectivity between AWS TGW with Aviatrix Transit. In the past, we have to use IPSec, which would be limited to 1.25G per tunnel connection speed, for customer’s that doesn’t require end to end encryption during the migration, with AWS TGW Connect, […]

  • Publish module to Terraform Registry

    Why? git repository is distributed in nature, also there are tons of repositories not using terraform. You have just created a killer terraform solution and cannot wait to share with world, instead of trying to send people the git repo link, how about publish it to terraform registry, and now everyone can search and simply […]

  • Terraform init failed to download providers

    One of our customers are looking to use Aviatrix to automatic their self-service process for AWS China region. The issue they are running into, was the terraform init would fail 50% of time. Is there anything we can do to help in this situation? What are providers? Terraform uses plug-ins called providers to translate terraform […]

  • Terraform AWS Cross-Account access

    Pre-requisite Two AWS accounts: AccountA and AccountB IAM programmatic access user already setup and working for Terraform in AccountA, let’s call this user Terraform-User, and it already have role assigned in AccountA Now that we are going to use the same Terraform-User access key and secret to work on resources in AccountB Create a new role in AccountB […]

  • Add permanent environment variables

    When you are using terraform or some other tools requiring environment variables, you may find the environment variables doesn’t stay between sessions. Here’s how I took care of it: Windows This is rather easy, just go to System Properties by running sysdm.cpl in command line, then click on Environment Variables Add or edit existing environment variables, such as AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID or AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, the settings […]

  • Terraform – difference between data.aws_iam_policy_document and in-line JSON policy

    So I’ve got this block of terraform code, which simply just allow the role to assume role When check in AWS Console, I can see following Trust relationships created with:“Sid”: “” When I would create the role in AWS Console, I would not have this section:“Sid”: “” Tried to update the terraform code to following, […]

  • Use terraformer to import AWS resources in linux

    I’ve come to a situation to import existing resources into terraform, and this tool seems to be interesting: The following example is in Linux, and my terraform installation is at /user/bin/terraform By looking up the executable in following link: Since I’m running Linux and need to import resources in AWS, I’ve downloaded:terraformer-aws-linux-amd64 to /user/bin Verified […]

  • Bootstrap Palo Alto with Aviatrix FireNet with AWS GWLB enabled

    Recently I’ve come to figure out how to bootstrap Palo Alto firewall while integrated with AWS GWLB and Aviatrix FireNet, here are my learning journal for future references: Validated environment: Aviatrix Controller version: UserConnect-6.6.5404 Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall (BYOL) 10.1.3 I’ve used following Terraform code to create an Aviatrix FireNet egress only transit […]