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  • Create BGP over GRE tunnel between Aviatrix Transit and Palo Alto Firewall

    Here’s a case where customer wants to create BGP over GRE tunnels between Palo Alto Firewall and Aviatrix Transit Gateways. Palo Alto have some articles but not very clear, this blog will serve as a reminder how this is done. Credit to Pranay for helping out the BGP peering part on Palo. This is a […]

  • Bootstrap Palo Alto with Aviatrix FireNet with AWS GWLB enabled

    Recently I’ve come to figure out how to bootstrap Palo Alto firewall while integrated with AWS GWLB and Aviatrix FireNet, here are my learning journal for future references: Validated environment: Aviatrix Controller version: UserConnect-6.6.5404 Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall (BYOL) 10.1.3 I’ve used following Terraform code to create an Aviatrix FireNet egress only transit […]