Multi-homed VM in different Clouds

Many enterprises venture into clouds and find the landscape of cloud networking very different from on-prem. Multi-homed devices such as routers and firewalls when deploy to the cloud also are having challenges to insert themself into traffic path, particularly due the reasons listed below. This in turn slows down the enterprises adoption speed to the cloud. Let’s take a look what some of these challenges are:

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TechTalk | Securing Cloud Egress—The Easy Way

When operating in the cloud, enterprises often struggle with how to gain control of network traffic leaving their environments in a centralized, cost-effective, and CSP-agnostic way.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to make cloud egress architecture simple, repeatable, and automated—including how to:

  • Gain visibility and control of internet-destined traffic in a cost-effective way (FQDN, subtopics distributed, centralized)
  • Insert next-generation firewalls into internet-outbound traffic and deal with thousands of route entries
  • Scale up and scale out your egress firewalls in an active manner and retain existing flows
  • Plus, the benefits of leveraging Aviatrix FireNet and ThreatIQ, ThreatGuard, and Anomaly Detection.