Multi-homed VM in different Clouds

Many enterprises venture into clouds and find the landscape of cloud networking very different from on-prem. Multi-homed devices such as routers and firewalls when deploy to the cloud also are having challenges to insert themself into traffic path, particularly due the reasons listed below. This in turn slows down the enterprises adoption speed to the cloud. Let’s take a look what some of these challenges are:

Azure (Microsoft Azure)

In Azure, an additional network interface (NIC) can only be associated with the *same* Virtual Network (vNet) as the primary NIC.

Refer to this link:

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

In AWS, an additional Network Interface (NIC) can only be associated with the *same* Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) as the primary NIC.

Refer to this link:

GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

In GCP, an additional Network Interface (NIC) *MUST* be attached to a *different* VPC as the primary interface

Refer to this link:

OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)

In OCI, an additional NIC can be associated with *either the same or different* Virtual Cloud Networks (VCNs) as the primary NIC. In the case of a different VCN, it must be in the same availability domain as the instance.

Refer to this link:

Ali Cloud (Alibaba Cloud)

In AliCloud, an additional NIC *must* be in the same zone and VPC as the primary NIC.

Refer to this link:

The solution

Winding the clock back, less than one year ago, I have seen cloud adoption been slowed down by various networking issues, including routing issues, difficulty of firewall insertions to fulfill enterprise security needs, knowledge /skill gap, poor visibility and lack of methods of troubleshooting, flat network architecture without standardizations. With the ever growing pace for enterprises going to multi-cloud, how do we solve these issues?

This was when I came across Aviatrix. Through it’s ACE associate program, I’ve learned how Aviatrix tackled these challenges brilliantly. It’s best to see for yourself here:

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