Aviatrix Edge 2.0 features

In our last blog, “AWS Hybrid Architecture and Edge 2.0,” we covered the workflow of registering an Edge 2.0 gateway, attaching it to Aviatrix Transit, and forming a BGP peering with on-premise devices. Now, let’s take a closer look at the features of the Edge 2.0 gateway. By leveraging Edge 2.0, enterprises gain high throughput and intelligent packet processing capabilities at the edge of their network. Edge 2.0 provides a robust set of features, including intelligent packet routing to streamline network traffic and advanced security features, such as network segmentation, to provide an added layer of protection to your network.

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AWS Hybrid architecture and Edge 2.0

One of our customers approached Aviatrix in search of a high-performance encryption solution for their on-premise data centers and AWS. They were impressed with Aviatrix’s features, including visibility, a dedicated data plane, high-throughput encryption, and Terraform capability. However, they also had sister business entities still using AWS TGW, and didn’t want to spend too much time trying to convince them to switch to Aviatrix. That’s when they turned to us for a hybrid architecture solution.

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How to launch Aviatrix Gateway in AWS using CMK (Customer Managed Key)

Recently we were helping customer to launch Spoke Gateways in their AWS account, after 10 minutes launching the gateway, the gateway creation were reverted and following errors generated

Error: [AVXERR-TRANSIT-0119] Failed to launch gateway test. Instance i-0005da0797da40ae8 could not be started. Delete the gateway test to clean up resources and try again. It is possible that gateway size t3.small is not supported in the region us-east-1 or EBS encryption KMS CMK Key policy Key administrators and users are not updated with your Aviatrix APP role and Aviatrix EC2 role.
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