Express Route to Aviatrix Transit – Option 1

Today we are starting to discuss first of three options to connect on-premise to Aviatrix Transit. This architecture allows you to use existing IPSec and BGP capable networking device to connect to Aviatrix Transit. I’ve listed brief steps and constrains highlighted

  • Create ExpressRoute (ER) Circuit
  • Configure Azure Private BGP Peering from the ER Circuit to On-Premise device
  • Deploy Aviatrix Transit vNet and Transit Gateways
  • Create GatewaySubnet for ExpressRoute Gateway (ERGW) in Aviatrix Transit vNet and deploy Express Route Gateway
  • Create ER Connection between the ER circuit and ERGW
  • Validate BGP route propagated to Aviatrix Transit Gateway eth0 subnet route table and connectivity. This connectivity will act as underlay
  • Create BGP over IPSec tunnels from on-premise device towards Aviatrix Transit Gateways as overlay to exchange on-premise routes with cloud routes
  • Each IPSec tunnel have 1.25G throughput limit
  • Azure only support IPSec, not GRE as tunneling protocol
  • Maximum number of IPv4 routes advertised from Azure private peering from the VNet address space for an ExpressRoute connection is 1000. But since we are using BGP over IPSec overlay, we can bypass this limit.
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