Deploy Aviatrix Metered Controller in Azure

This is a quick write up of deploying Aviatrix Metered Controller in Azure

1. Azure Marketplace -> Search for Aviatrix, then Subscribe to Aviatrix Secure Networking Platform Metered 2208 – Copilot & 24×7 Support

2. Click on Subscribe

3. Select your Subscription and Resource Group, give it a name:

Note 1

4. Click on Configure account now

5. This will open up a new browser window, a customer ID will be sent to the registered email. You will need this customer ID to activate Aviatrix Controller. Also note this form is only valid for 3 minutes

Note: This will generate Customer IDs for Aviatrix Controller and CoPilot, and billing will be associated with the Subscription ID where you subscribed the offer from. The same Customer ID can be used to activate multiple Aviatrix Controllers, but the billing will go to the same Azure Subscription where the Customer ID is associated with. If you want billing go to separate Azure subscriptions, then you have to subscribe to the offer in separate Azure subscriptions and obtain different customer IDs.

6. After you clicked Submit, you should see this screen indicating your subscription is activated.

7. Check registered email, and you should get customer ID for Controller and CoPilot. Note that you will launch BYOL controller by click on the link.

8. The link opens up Azure Marketplace with Aviatrix Secure Networking Platform BYOL, click on Get it now

9. The link brings you to Aviatrix Secure Networking Platform BYOL, you can click on Create to start to deploy Aviatrix Controller

10. Alternatively, after you received the Customer ID email, you can search Aviatrix in Azure Marketplace, then click on Create under Aviatrix Secure Networking Platform BYOL

Note 1

Upon completion of step 3, a SaaS type resource will get created in the Resource Group you specified

There are options to:

  • Change plan
  • Edit recurring billing (stop auto renew)
  • View billing
  • Cancel subscription
  • Change Azure Subscription
  • Change resource group

Note 2

When you use the Aviatrix controller deploy a gateway, the controller should automatically subscribe to the aviatrix-companion-gateway-v8 or aviatrix-companion-gateway-v9 offering. If this isn’t done, you may have trouble launching a gateway, and need to subscribe to it manually.

To check if your subscription has subscribed to the gateway offering:

To subscribe to the offering manually, follow this article

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