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  • Enable private connectivity to workloads deployed in multiple default VPCs – Part 2

    Scenario: One of our customers are primary in Azure, after merger and acquisitions, them acquired hundreds of AWS accounts, where workloads are deployed to default VPCs, which all have this address space: They are looking for a solution to provide bi-directional private connectivity to these workloads in AWS from Azure without overhead of route […]

  • TechTalk | Securing Cloud Egress—The Easy Way

    When operating in the cloud, enterprises often struggle with how to gain control of network traffic leaving their environments in a centralized, cost-effective, and CSP-agnostic way. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to make cloud egress architecture simple, repeatable, and automated—including how to: Gain visibility and control of internet-destined traffic in a cost-effective way (FQDN, subtopics […]

  • Use terraformer to import AWS resources in linux

    I’ve come to a situation to import existing resources into terraform, and this tool seems to be interesting: The following example is in Linux, and my terraform installation is at /user/bin/terraform By looking up the executable in following link: Since I’m running Linux and need to import resources in AWS, I’ve downloaded:terraformer-aws-linux-amd64 to /user/bin Verified […]

  • Bootstrap Palo Alto with Aviatrix FireNet with AWS GWLB enabled

    Recently I’ve come to figure out how to bootstrap Palo Alto firewall while integrated with AWS GWLB and Aviatrix FireNet, here are my learning journal for future references: Validated environment: Aviatrix Controller version: UserConnect-6.6.5404 Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall (BYOL) 10.1.3 I’ve used following Terraform code to create an Aviatrix FireNet egress only transit […]

  • TechTalk | Simplify Your Complex Cloud Network Environments

    Enterprises enjoy more development freedom and agility in the cloud. However, this increased freedom sometimes leads to the hasty replication of networks to help speed up productivity. As a result, IP address overlap can stunt your cloud agility. Find out how Aviatrix Transit and NAT can help you can remove these roadblocks from your cloud […]

  • TechTalk | Turn Static Public Cloud Routing Dynamic with Centralized Management

    Engineers responsible for building and managing public cloud network entities like VNets, VPCs, VCNs are constantly challenged with 90s-style static routing in public clouds. CSPs provide discrete constructs that are powerful on their own yet add enormous responsibility on enterprises to build, manage, and operationalize. Join us for a session to see how to automate […]